Natalja and Marleen in collaboration with Fjord receive Network Institute Research Voucher worth 5.000 euros

With their proposal titled “An unexpected marriage: A multi-method analysis of the emergence of a new profession” Natalja Laurey and Marleen Huysman received a Network Institute Research Voucher of 5.000 euros. This research voucher allows to further the collaboration between Fjord (by Accenture Interactive) and KIN research group. Fjord is a service design consultancy active in the field of digital innovation, with a particular interest in designing digital products and services for their clients with a human centered view. The aim of the research collaboration is to analyze the potential rise of a new profession (a digital service designer), as a consequence of the latest trend of traditional service organizations to acquire small digital creative firms. The research collaboration will yield 1) a report, which will offer as the basis for practical recommendations for Fjord 2) as well as serve as academic input for developing new theories and strengthening Natalja Laurey’s PhD Thesis.