Natalja Laurey, Hans Berends and Marleen Huysman nominated for Best Paper Award at the TIM Division of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017

With their paper titled “Creativity as Service: how creative agents facilitate a liminal experience” Natalja Laurey, Hans Berends and Marleen Huysman are nominated for the Best Paper Award from the TIM (Technology, Innovation and Management) Division of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017, in Atlanta, USA. Papers receiving this award belong to the top 10% of all accepted papers in the program. The paper will be published in the conference Proceedings. The paper aims to elaborate organizational theory on creativity, by highlighting the value of offering a sense of ‘in-betweenness’ or, as we label it, facilitating a liminal experience. So far organizational theories on creativity discuss how creative agents enable creativity in situations with a rather concrete outcome, such as the production of a music record, and therefore assume that creative processes demand closure. Based on a qualitative research, we show that creative agents aim to keep creative processes open-ended by adapting their role to the needs of the clients (morphing), while at the same time enabling their clients to generate creativity by themselves (mobilizing). This paper suggests that creative agents do not deliver concrete results at the end of projects, but that their creative work is targeted to offering their clients a liminal experience that generates potentialities for creative change at a later moment.