New names in the new academic year

As part of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, KIN Research now falls under the new School of Business and Economics (previously Faculty of Economics and Business Administration). They changed the name at the start of this academic year. While the Dutch ‘Vrije Universiteit’ refers to our Dutch origins, the ‘School’ reflects our international ambitions, which suits KIN Research well. They even made a nice video:

A second new name this year will be the new MSc program: Digital Business & Innovation! See: Over the last year we have developed our new program, based on IKM that we had built and run for a decade, and we are pretty proud of it. It links more clearly to our current research activities, suits a fit profile of our graduates and attracts new students. We already see a 170% increase in student numbers applying to it! So it is exciting to kick off the new academic year in this way.