Open Seminars

We regularly organize seminars, workshops, and educational programs that are open for anybody.

  • Seminar on ESM On the 16th of March, we organize the open seminar on Enterprise social media. Jeff Treem (University of Texas, Austin), Bart and Han will talk about the different elements that may facilitate or frustrate knowledge sharing when implementing and using enterprise social media: how, when, and why may these technologies actually enhance knowledge sharing? Find out more about this seminar here.

  • KIN Talks  Several times a year, we host KIN Talks; a series of talks during which managers, entrepreneurs, and policy makers discuss novel ideas and practical insights on organizing for digital innovations. The KINTalks are organized by a group of KIN PhD scholars. For more information click here.

  • Interactive Workshops  We regularly organize interactive workshops for professionals. During these workshops we address topics related to digital innovation as we build on our rich experience of research in organizations. These sessions help participants to develop their knowledge and become proficient in understanding the development, use, and consequences of digital innovation in their line of work. Find out more about our workshops here.

  • Four Day Program   In this four-day program, participants address the digital transformation journey: we start by addressing different strategies for digital transformation, the ways in which we can organize for innovation, the implementation of digital innovations in existing organizational systems and structures, and we conclude by understanding the ways in which digital transformation and innovation affect work in all levels of the organization. Find out more.