Marijn Plomp

Marijn Plomp

Assistant Professor & Programme Manager
Marijn Plomp is an Assistant Professor at the Knowledge, Information and Innovation (KIN²) group at the VU University Amsterdam. He is also Programme Manager at the Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics (ACBA). Finally, he coordinates the post-graduate programme (PGO) 'Business Analytics & Data Science'. Marijn holds a PhD in Information Systems from Utrecht University, based on his thesis “Maturing Interorganisational Information Systems”. Before joining VU University, Marijn worked at Utrecht University, and as researcher/consultant at Dialogic innovation & interaction. In 2011, he was a Visiting Scholar at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Marijn’s research has appeared in the proceedings of various international conferences and scientific journals, such as Electronic Markets, International Journal of Information Technology and Management, and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal.


  • Business Information Technology (bachelor)
  • Business Information Systems (bachelor)
  • Academic Skills (bachelor)
  • Thesis supervision (bachelor and master)
  • Business Analytics & Data Science (postgraduate)


Journal Articles

Conference Contributions / Article in Proceedings

Book Chapters

  • Plomp, M.G.A. (2015). Interorganizational systems. In D. Straub & R. Welke (Eds.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Management (Third ed.) (Management Information Systems, 7) (pp. 1-4). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
  • Plomp, M.G.A., Batenburg, R.S. & Hertog, P. den (2014). ICT policy to foster interorganisational ICT adoption by SMEs: The Netherlands Goes Digital case. In J. Devos, H. van Landeghem & D. Deschoolmeester (Eds.), Information Systems and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) – State of Art of IS Research in SMEs (pp. 123-139). Berlin: Springer.
  • Grijpink, J.H.A.M. & Plomp, M.G.A. (2012). Inzichten uit ketenanalyses. In Checklisten Informatie Management (CD-ROM). Den Haag: Sdu Uitgevers.
  • Brinkkemper, S., Batenburg, R.S., Versendaal, J.M., Wijngaert, L. van de, Helms, R.W., Bos, R., Jansen, R.L., Spruit, M.R., Ravesteijn, P., Huizer, E., Weerd, I. van de, Baaren, E., Plomp, M.G.A. & Schuur, H.W. van der (2009). On the Challenge of Creating an Attractive Research Master Program: Graduate Education Avant-la-Lettre. In H. Bodlaender, W. Duivesteijn & C. Nijenhuis (Eds.), Fascination for Computation. 25 jaar informatica (pp. 217-240). Utrecht: Utrecht University.

Journal Editorships

  • Plomp, M.G.A. (Ed.). (2015) Journal of Chain-Computerisation.
  • Plomp, M.G.A. (Ed.). (2014) Journal of Chain-Computerisation.
  • Plomp, M.G.A. (Ed.). (2013) Journal of Chain-Computerisation.
  • Plomp, M.G.A. (Ed.). (2012) Journal of Chain-Computerisation.

Reports / External report

  • Plomp, M.G.A. & Bartels, C.L.V. (2016). Fast data in organisaties: Hoe houden we de brandslang in bedwang? (External report). Amsterdam: White paper in the context of co-innovation project Digital We.


  • Rezazade Mehrizi, M.H., Hooff, B.J. van den, Plomp, M.G.A., Sewgobind, K.M. & Oemar, S.M.S. (2015, July 6). Making Sense of IS Complexity Beyond the Structural Perspective: A Critical Literature Review.Montpellier, France, Presented at the 3rd Annual Research Symposium on Complexity and IT.
  • Plomp, M.G.A. (2013, June 4). The difficulty of studying large-scale information systems: fallacies of the wrong level in practice. Utrecht, The Netherlands, Pre-ECIS (European Conference on Information Systems) 2013 Workshop.

Other output

  • Plomp, M.G.A., Hooff, B.J. van den & Vliet, J.C. van (2013). Network Institute Academy Assistant Project Grant: "Agility & Loose Coupling of Enterprise Systems".