Marleen Huysman

Marleen Huysman

Full Professor, Head of KIN Research, Head of Information, Logistics and Innovation Department
Marleen heads the KIN research group at the VU University and is head of the department of Information systems, Logistics and Innovation (ILI). She studied Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has a PhD in Business Economics on the topic of Organizational Learning and IT at the VU University. Marleen has been assistant professor at the department of Work and Organizational Psychology , TU Delft and associate professor Business Administration at the VU University Amsterdam. Since 2006 she holds a chair in Knowledge and Organization at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Marleen has been visiting scholar during her PhD at Stanford and in 2000-2001 she was a visiting scholar at the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) group at Harvard Business School. Marleen conducts research in the following overlapping fields of research, all related to the development and use of digital innovation: new ways of working, technology in practice, knowledge sharing, - coordinating, development and integration. Her research has been published in various international journals and books and is a frequent speaker at academic and professional meeting in the field.

Research Interests

  • Digital Innovation
  • New ways of working and organizing
  • Knowledge & organizations
  • Creativity
  • Technology in practice


  • Digital Innovation Master Information Science (FEW) 4.2
  • Digital innovation and virtual organizing in a global setting IBA 2.4
  • KIN Summerschool ABRI periode 6
  • Technology and Innovation, research masters period 2


Journal Articles

Conference Contributions / Article in Proceedings

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Conference Contributions

  • Sergeeva, A., Huysman, M.H., Soekijad, M. & Hooff, B.J. van den (2013). "No user is an island". Onlookers, affordances, and the impact of mobile devices on work practices. In Proceedings of ICIS 2013. Milan, Italy: ICIS.


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Book Chapters

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