Professional Learning

Four day program and full year program:
We provide professional learning modules on a variety of topics related to digital innovation. In May we start with a four day program on The Digital Transformation Journey.
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In September 2018 we will start with a full program aimed at professionals who want an in-depth understanding and skillset on working with digital innovations in the digital era.We will soon post more about our professional learning modules and full program here.
Interactive Workshops
We regularly organize interactive workshops for professionals. During these workshops we address topics related to digital innovation as we build on our rich experience of research in organizations. These sessions help participants to develop their knowledge and become proficient in understanding the development, use, and consequences of digital innovation in their line of work.
Future workshops:

  • Data Driven Business Model Innovation – Thursday April 5th
  • FinTech – June
  • The changing role of the IT professional in the Digital Age – October
  • The (unintended) consequences of digital innovation for health work – January 2019
  • The HR profession in the digital age – March 2019
  • Crowdsourcing – June 2019


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Previous workshops:

  1. Creativity & Design for Digital Transformation on Wednesday January 24th.





About our Professional Learning programs


Managers, professionals, alumni of the VU, and anyone interested in understanding more about the developments in the field of digital innovation can find relevant information here about our professional learning offers such as new courses, masterclasses, workshops, and our full executive education program.