Professor dr. Marleen Huysman"You can only truly understand the consequences of digital innovations and technologies if you study the development and use of technologies in practice. We want to use our knowledge and experience to help organizations to effectively and responsibly manage and organize the development and use of digital innovations."

Prof. Dr. Marleen Huysman

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workshop open banking

Interactive workshops and masterclasses on digital innovation

In the Interactive Masterclass on Open Banking both dr. Markos Zachariadis and Professor Hans Berends will prepare you to take the lead in this transition towards open banking. We will go beyond the common industry knowledge and delve into the challenges around platform and innovation ecosystems origination and development to identify the issues as well as opportunities in this new banking paradigm. In addition, we will explore the strategic responses in this new competitive landscape.

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Join the KIN Summer School!
The teaching faculty consists of an international group of professors, known for their research in the field. This year’s faculty will be: Diane Bailey (University of Texas at Austin), Ola Henfridsson (Warwick Business School), Samer Faraj (McGill University, Canada), Ann Langley (HEC Montreal), and Marleen Huysman (KIN Research, VU University Amsterdam).

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