KIN is all about Digital Innovation. We are fascinated by the ways in which the use and development of digital innovations affect the way we work and organize.

We conduct research, organize consortia, provide executive education, and host masterclasses on a variety of topics such as data & analytics, creativity & design, innovation processes, crowdsourcing, and much more. Our mission is to make the world a better place in the digital era: we bring together academia and practice to truly understand the social and long-term consequences of digital innovations in organizations.

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How AI impacts work

Author: David Passenier Professor Marleen Huysman, head of the KIN Center of Digital Innovation, is leading social science research on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied in organizations. While […]

Who are the champions?

Dat innovatie in de zorg niet makkelijk is dat weten we nu wel: zorgstelsels zijn complex, er zijn veel gevestigde belangen en ingewikkelde routines die verandering lastig maken. De vraag […]

Designing your expertise pyramid – with Mohammad Rezazade Mehrizi

With a growing track record of scientific papers and academic teaching responsibilities, Mohammad Rezazade Mehrizi is not a typical scholar. On being asked what makes him feel impactful and engaged, […]

KIN at Synergy: AI at Work

Developments in algorithmic technologies are bringing high impact changes in social and organizational life, and in particular for work. The resulting issues and challenges are complex, and unravelling them requires […]

Event: Wednesday 13 March 2019 – Information Session Executive Program

Digital transformation is the radical organizational change that is due to the emergence of digital innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital platforms, innovation ecosystems, blockchains, virtual reality, and internet […]

Impression – KINTalk KLM’s Journey to Digital Customer Intimacy -January 18th

KINTalks – AirFrance-KLM: Going Digital to Continuously Improve the Customer Experience For the 1st KINTalks edition of 2019, we flew in Lydia van Schaik to give a talk on customer […]


Technological advancements have always been affecting the strategy of and rivalry among individual firms. The increasing complexity of these technologies, however, is radically transforming whole structures and boundaries across industries. […]

Looking for Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Are you an ambitious and outstanding innovation scholar studying digital innovation? Please apply at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Area of expertise: Organization and Management of Digital Innovation Processes | Location: Amsterdam Job […]

18 January 2019 – KinTalk: Being Where Your Customers Are: KLM’s Journey to Digital Customer Intimacy

In our upcoming KINTalks on January 18th we invited Lydia van Schaik, Manager Mobile Apps and Capabilities at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to give a talk about innovation and mobile […]

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At KIN, we study the development, use, implications and business value of digital innovations. This research is conducted by a multi-disciplinary group of researchers with academic backgrounds in business administration, sociology, communication science, anthropology, philosophy, engineering, industrial design, and computer science. Find out about some of our latest top-tier publications!

Executive Program

Digital innovation & transformation: we hear the term all the time and we all have to do something with it. But why? What is digital transformation exactly? What are some of the challenges and opportunities for organizations? How does digital innovation affect the ways in which we work and organize? What types of ethical dillema's and social consequences do we need to think about?

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Interactive workshops and masterclasses on digital innovation

We regularly organize interactive masterclasses on digital innovation topics. Some of our previous masterclasses were on Open Banking, Data Driven Business Model Innovation, and Creativity & Design for Innovation. Central to our approach is combining insights from our rich scientific studies with practical implications that help professionals and organizations to think further than the hypes.

Join us in our upcoming masterclasses on Platforms & Ecosystems, the changing role of the IT function, Crowdsourcing, and many more!