KIN is all about Digital Innovation. We are fascinated by the ways in which the use and development of digital innovations affect the way we work and organize.

We conduct research, organize consortia, provide executive education, and host masterclasses on a variety of topics such as data & analytics, creativity & design, innovation processes, crowdsourcing, and much more. Our mission is to make the world a better place in the digital era: we bring together academia and practice to truly understand the social and long-term consequences of digital innovations in organizations.

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Three lessons from a Ministry of Defence: How IT managers can prepare for emergency situations

Reading Time: 4 minutes How resilient are IT organizations toward emergencies such as COVID-19? Today, many IT organizations grapple with contradictory goals within their departments. Historically, IT was organized to provide stability, to keep […]

KIN blog

Remote Working for the first time?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Give it Time For a lot of people it is their first time working remotely. Please give yourself some time to get used to it. Here is some advice from […]

A spotlight on our researchers – Anastasia Sergeeva,

Reading Time: 7 minutes Understanding how emerging technologies shape the future of work This week, I interviewed Anastasia Sergeeva, an Assistant Professor at KIN with a background in business and healthcare management. Her research […]

The Art of Predictive Policing

Reading Time: < 1 minute Are predictive algorithms really as objective and independent as is often assumed? Lauren Waardenburg, Anastasia Sergeeva, and Marleen Huysman wrote a (Dutch) journal article based on data from the study […]

Would you rather be watched or forgotten at work?

Reading Time: 4 minutes   New paper on control in remote work published in Organization Studies by KIN researcher dr. Ella Hafermalz   Remember the feeling of not being invited to a party? Everyone […]

Realisatie van datagedreven waarde: een continu proces

Reading Time: < 1 minute KIN onderzoeker promovenda Wendy Günther deelt graag haar belangrijkste inzichten uit haar proefschrift. In de afgelopen jaren is er veel hype geweest rondom ‘big data’ en analytics. Men beschouwt data […]

A spotlight on our researchers – Elmira van den Broek

Reading Time: 4 minutes This week, we feature Elmira van den Broek, a PhD researcher at KIN with a background in sociology, economics, and business. She has been studying the development and implementation of […]

KINTalk: Real Estate Technologies, towards a smart workplace

Reading Time: 3 minutes On 24 January 2020 at KIN Center for Digital Innovation, we invited Erik Ubels for an interesting talk on real estate technologies. Erik is the CTO of EDGE and the […]

Waarom beeldbellen met je arts science fiction blijft

Reading Time: 7 minutes In onze vorige blogs hebben we geschreven over de curatieve gezondheidszorg vanuit een ecosysteem perspectief waarin meerdere actoren met heterogene belangen en routines (i.e., zorgaanbieders, zorgverzekeraars, overheid en leveranciers) met […]

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