9-13 August 2019 Symposium: ‘Algorithms at Work: Tales from the Field of Artificial Intelligence’

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We are proud to announce that between August 9-13, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Anastasia Sergeeva and Marleen Huysman will be organizing a symposium on the topic: ‘Algorithms at Work: Tales from the Field of Artificial Intelligence’. Wanda Orlikowski will be the discussant of ethnographic studies on the development & use of AI and its impact on knowledge work and organizations.

This symposium brings together studies of situated use of artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and data in practices of knowledge work. Current debates on AI and work are often based on forecasting and speculations about its consequences for jobs, tasks, and economy, assuming AI’s independence of human involvement.

There is a need for empirically grounded insights that shed light on how data and algorithms are developed and actually used in practice and with what implications for organizations and professionals’ work. The four studies presented in this symposium will report ethnographic insights on how AI is constructed and become consequential in the settings as diverse as police, health, law, and fashion. Collectively, these studies demonstrate how beliefs in AI’s objectivity and independence of human judgment may be ill-founded and how attention to the work with AI allows revealing its socially constructed and organizationally embedded nature.

More information here: http://aom.org/annualmeeting/