AI Masterclasses

KIN Center for Digital Innovation studies how organizations develop, implement, use, and manage AI, and how these insights support the design of human-centered and responsible AI? It is our mission is to contribute to the responsible, human-centric development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies. We bring a holistic and collaborative business perspective to the Future of Work by studying frontrunner organizations active in the field of AI technologies, both in the lab as well as on the work floor.

Are you looking for Masterclasses that:

  • Combines the latest academic findings on AI with a business perspective?
  • Focuses on the business implications instead on a purely technical side of AI?

Then take a look at our AI Masterclasses. These Masterclasses can also be organized as an in-house session. Please send us an email for more information about inhouse masterclasses.

Masterclass: The How what why of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Joey van Angeren 

Date: Tuesday September 15. Time: 9:00 – 13:00 Online event

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has entered the realm of organizations and is rapidly changing how organizations do business, how employees work, and how people live. Why is there so much interest in AI technology right now? What are the technological fundamentals of AI? How are organizations using AI to transform their industries, and what does it take to frame an AI initiative at your organization? In this Masterclass (half day) we will answer these questions as we demystify AI technologies. Understanding the technological fundamentals of AI is crucial to harness its full potential. 

In this session, participants will: 

  • Know of the core objectives of AI and the reasons behind its fast-paced adoption; 
  • Understand the technological fundamentals of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning; 
  • Obtain insights, ideas, and inspiration on leveraging AI by learning from cases of how different organizations apply AI to transform their​ industries; 
  • Have hands-on experience with framing AI initiatives. 


Price: Early bird € 295,00. Regular tickets are € 395,00.


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Masterclass for decision-makers: The Impact of AI on Organisations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly changing our work and our organizations but are often ill-understood by those responsible in organizations. This session will empower decision makers to assess how these systems work and what it would mean for the different types of users and processes involved. We will help you ask the right questions and understand the opportunities, risks and trade-offs involved. This will contribute to a more productive use of AI in the organization and will help mitigate potential risks such as legal affairs or bad reputation because of inability to explain decisions to the right stakeholders. 

In this session, participants will learn: 

  • Biases in discussions on AI in organizations and why you should care;
  • How to organize with and organizing for AI:
  • the impact of AI on work and organizations; 
  • Responsible development and use of AI; 
  • The role and responsibilities of higher management in successfully managing AI. 

Masterclass Data-driven business model innovation

In this Interactive professional Masterclass, professor Frans Feldberg discusses the “Why, What, and How” of big data and data-driven business model innovation. find more information on this page

Executive program: Datagedreven Sturing in de Publieke Sector: Van belofte naar resultaat

Bij veel publieke organisaties bestaat het vertrouwen dat slim omgaan met data leidt tot betere resultaten voor burgers en de samenleving, zoals schonere straten, veiliger buurten, betere voorzieningen, etc. Maar hoe kom je dan tot daadwerkelijk betere resultaten op basis van data? Wat vraagt dit van jou en jouw organisatie? lees meer over dit programma

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Post-graduate program (1 year) Business Analytics & Data Science

Looking for more than a Masterclass? Then maybe out Post-graduate program (PGO) Business Analytics & Data Science is what you are looking for!

This is a one-year part-time program containing modules on for instance predictive modeling, data-driven business innovation, and big data infrastructure & technologies. The program roughly consists of equal parts Business Administration, Computer Science, and Mathematics; the three disciplines essential to the field of data science. Target audience include people responsible for transforming and translating data into actionable insights, as well as those in tactical and strategic management with an interest in this field.