Big, Bigger, Biggest Data
: The journey of Nicola Villa with Big Data

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October, 9th 2015 – KINTalks with Nicola Villa

Coming from a small Italian village, our KinTalk speaker Nicola Villa seemed destined to become a farmer, priest, or doctor. Yet Villa dreamed bigger and joined Cisco in the early 2000s, where he got involved with the very beginnings of e-commerce. Pro- and retrospecting, Villa talked about the future of IT and its challenges, including big data and the Internet of Everything.

Sketching that 95% of all data is stored today while only 5% of the data ends up being used, Villa argues that big data is not just a technological challenge, its challenges lay with the Internet of Everything, connecting processes, people, data, and things.

“The challenges revolve around the

Internet of Everything, connecting

processes, people, data, and things.”

The challenges of the Internet of Everything are grand. For example, Villa argues that leadership has to become more visionary, while the bottom-up empowerment of employees is crucial as well. Moreover, those who aim to create value need to learn to collaborate across cultures and organizations.

Nicola Villa on KINTalks:
I enjoyed a lot the interaction, and got lots 
 of positive energy from it.


  • Big data is in combined data sets stored in grid/cloud infrastructures
  • Creating and leveraging big data is not technically but institutionally complex
  • Big data can be found on the intersection between Computer Science, Design, and Business
  • Thus, researchers are challenged to engage in cross-over collaboration