BLOG: NRCLive – AI & the Future of Work

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New AI trends, self-driving cars, surprising use of robots, questions about whether AI is a hype or reality. Talking about AI is hot and, of course, KIN members are part of that conversation.


On Thursday June 21, KIN members Marleen Huysman, Marlous Agterberg, and Lauren Waardenburg were present at NRCLive AI where delegates of science, business and society were invited to collaborate and talk about AI and the future of humanity. During this full-day event, they joined different keynote sessions and panel discussions where hopes, dreams, fears and the current status quo passed by.


How AI Transforms Industries & Professions

In the afternoon, Marleen hosted a specialized session on AI and the future of work which attracted scientists, data-miners, managers, policy makers, and general enthusiasts. Marleen’s examples of how the use AI transforms different industries and professions and the different biases underlying the discussion on AI and the future showed to be the recipe for a lively discussion about the (possible) influence of AI in work.  The afternoon panel led by our Alumnus Wouter van Noort, continued this discussion by pointing out the ethical concerns of AI use such as the false idea of objectivity.


The day ended with an inspiring keynote by Peter Hinssen who made it clear that, for the time being, human beings are still “the best computers to be developed low-cost and by unskilled labor”. Let’s see what the future brings.