Information sessions

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam regularly organizes information sessions to present the program, curricula, and structure of Digital Innovation & Transformation program, as well as give you the opportunity to meet some of the instructors teaching on the program.

When: See our Executive Education page of Vrije Universiteit for when the next information session will be.

We will announce more details about the information session at the beginning of next year. Send us an email at to request more information and to stay updated of the next information session.

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Programme overview

Learn from academic experts and relevant cases

Do you feel a bit lost in the digital wonderland? Join our programme

to gain deep knowledge and a broad perspective on what digital transformation may mean for your organization.

Digital transformation is the radical organizational change that is due to the emergence of digital innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital platforms, innovation ecosystems, blockchains, virtual reality, and internet of things. We hear these buzzwords all around: but what does it really mean for your organization?

Our programme helps you navigate the digital landscape and make better decisions

At KIN we help you recognize the relevant opportunities and threats to create value with digital innovation for your organization. Why? Because we look at the entire ecosystem: We study the emergence, development, implementation, and prolonged usage of technologies in practice by engaging in in-depth studies at a wide variety of international organizations. Our expertise is based not only on the latest academic insights but also our own experience in researching how digital technologies are developed and used in practice. The organizations we study are our laboratories.

We have studied digital innovation in a variety of extreme cases such as: robotics in surgery rooms, predictive analytics at the police, ecosystem development at a major Lighting corporation, innovation collaboration at CERN & NASA, information system disruption at multinational financial institutions, digital nomads in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Bali, internet-of-things in the kitchen-appliances industry, and digital disruption initiatives at international consulting firms.

Questions that we will address are for example:

  • What are the strategic consequences of digital transformation & innovation?
  • How can you manage innovation processes?
  • What will happen if you implement new technologies in existing complex systems and structures?
  • What could digital innovation mean for how we work and collaborate?

The programme contains 14 full day courses clustered around four main themes: Strategizing for digital transformation, Organizing for digital innovation, Implementing digital technologies and Work in the digital age. You will learn from different cases and studies conducted by our academic experts. After following our programme you will be able to determine the challenges and opportunities that match your organization, and how you can cultivate digital innovation & transformation!

During the entire programme you will work on the challenge of your choice. This can be related to your current position or department, but can also be tailored to prepare you for future assignments and positions. We will determine the exact assignment together. During the final session, you will discuss the solution to your challenge with the group. Each session will take up one full day. Please note that the final programme might be subject to change.

The programme offers in-depth academic research and practice-based knowledge and guidelines for professionals who want to understand how digital transformation may have an impact on their organization. This programme is best suited for experienced professionals who want to assess and understand the consequences of digital transformation on a strategic, organizational, and practical level.

To assure an optimal alignment between the content of our programme and the experiences and knowledge of our participants, we have intake meetings with all potential participants. Based on this intake, we will decide whether the participant has an appropriate profile. In general, we expect our participants to meet the following requirements:

  • HBO/University level of working and thinking
  • At least 5 years of professional experience
  • Interest in digital innovation

Do you want to know whether you match our target audience? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via

The investment for the programme starting October 2021 is € €8495,- per person. This fee includes all costs for the facilities and required reading material. Not included in the fee are travel- and hotel-costs (if applicable). The general terms of payment from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are applicable.

We will send the invoice to the address provided when signing up. To sign up, please get in touch with our programme manager dr. Marijn Plomp via to schedule an intake interview.

If we have convinced you to take on this learning opportunity, we would the kindly ask you to fill in this initial intake form. As soon as you have done so, we will schedule an interview with you to assess the motivation, experience, and background of your application.

For further information, please see the contact details below:

Dr. Marijn Plomp
Programme Coordinator