Doctoral Programmes

From student to scholar: A journey into the world of digitalization.”

We have currently around 10 Ph.D. projects running, all under the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) umbrella, where students will also receive their doctoral training at the Graduate School. A Ph.D. researcher in the Netherlands mostly has a formal research position at a university; during their contract, they will get a salary while working full time on their research project and often having (some) teaching obligations. Most of our Ph.D. candidates also spend some time abroad in excellent schools with one of our research partners.

KIN Research teaches a variety of courses for the graduate school, related to for instance qualitative research methods (including process research methods and computational/digital qualitative methods), Ph.D. proposal writing, and research seminars.

We also organize the KIN Summer School.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in starting a (fully paid) Ph.D. project at KIN Center for Digital Innovation after you have graduated with a research master or MPhil. Contact dr. Maura Soekijad for more information.