Master’s Programme in Digital Business & Innovation

Meet the business challenges of the digital age”

We offer a one-year academic master programme on Digital Business & Innovation (formerly called “Information & Knowledge Management”). It is fully taught in English by members of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation. We have used our experience to develop and refine the programme over a decade and we constantly renew it, to ensure a perfect link to developments in industry, research, and society.

In the programme students explore how organizations can effectively use digital technologies to innovate their business processes, products, services, and business models. It focuses on the business opportunities and organizational consequences offered by a wide range of digital technologies, including cloud computing, 3D printing, robotics, internet-of-things, and ‘big data’ analytics. Students learn to function as a bridge between ‘digital technology’ and ‘business’. The programme has both an academic and a practical focus: the emphasis is on conducting research, often in collaboration, to solve managerial challenges. Please find the slides of the latest information session at VU.

We also offer a specialisation in Digital Business and Innovation in the two-year part-time MSc program of Business Administration. This is primarily aimed at Dutch professionals who work in knowledge-intensive organizations in the service industry  and have the ambition to become a manager or advisor. Both part-time and full-time specializations have premaster programmes.

It’s a small program, which I really enjoyed and was what I was looking for. And the teachers take you really seriously and they want to work with you. They try to engage you into their research and they try to make you work hard!” (Natali Kuhn – student)


As the importance of digital technologies and innovation keeps growing for all organizations, and because we collaborate with our business partners during courses, there is a high demand for our graduates. Our alumni often engage in very successful careers as business consultant, IT consultant, business analyst, strategy consultant, project manager, social marketing consultant, knowledge manager, entrepreneur (starting a business), policy advisor, or PhD candidate, at either academic and other non-profit institutes or commercial organizations (e.g., ABN AMRO, Philips, eBay, IBM, Accenture, KPMG, TNT, Atos, Deloitte, Quint Redwood Wellington, KPN, Rabobank, PwC, Ordina, Capgemini and LinkIT).

There was one course, and I found it at the time really challenging, where you had to criticize scientific articles. I developed a skill, that I now use in my current work as well, on how to be critical on things: how to think critically” (Alumna Sophie Haverkamp, KMPG)

More information  

If you want to know more about the full-time DBI specialization, please take a look at our promotional video or contact dr. Maura Soekijad (program coordinator).

For the part-time programme, you can contact Drs. Frank Derksen (director of part-time program Business Administration).

We found Stuvia, our company, during the masters, during a course in spring on E-business. The whole idea of knowledge sharing is the basis of what our company does!” (Alumnus Jaap van Nes, CEO of Stuvia)