Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration

General information

Program name: Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration
Duration: 2 years
Accreditation: yes - NVAO accreditation
Language: Dutch
Total cost of the program: €19.000

Digital Business and Innovation track

Digital technologies are changing the business world. New platforms such as Uber and Airbnb have strongly disrupted the transport and hotel sector. These platforms offer opportunities for new forms of value creation as well as potential to disrupt traditional industries. Established companies face the challenge of innovating for digital products and processes. What are the strategic consequences of such digital innovations? How can you manage digital innovation processes? Data may become a significant resource for companies' strategic advantage, and traditional professions are being replaced or enhanced by algorithms and robots. What will happen if you implement new technologies in existing complex systems and structures? What could digital innovation mean for how we work and collaborate?

Within the Digital Business and Innovation track of the part-time Masters program in Business Administration, you will study how to deal with these kinds of organizational challenges.

You will build on theoretical insights to develop the analytic skills needed to navigate the digital landscape with a sharp and critical eye. Staying with both feet on the ground in a business that is always on the move while being able to reap opportunities and knowing how to deal with the various challenges that will come on your way, is where the part-time Master of Science in Business Administration stands out.

The part-time Master of Science in Business Administration offers the necessary academic knowledge and skills to help you move forward in your career.  Completing this program will award you the title Master of Science in Business Administration which is often a prerequisite to take on a management and/or consultancy position.

Graduates can build on their broad academic expertise to excel in roles such as: (IT) consultant, innovation manager, business analyst, entrepreneur or researcher within a service organization.

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If you have questions about the program or would like to schedule an interview you can contact:

  • Frank Derksen (Program Management)
  • Nicole Lijs (Student Support Officer)
  • Tel 020-598 6124
  • E-mail:

For more information on the program structure, admission criteria and overview on the staff, visit the official page of the Part-time MSc in Business Administration. Please note that the program is taught in Dutch.