Masterclass – W.I.S.E. Management of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the realm of organizations, and it is rapidly changing how organizations do business, how employees work, and how people live. AI has unique properties, and implementation of AI requires a transformation of how work is organized. Wisely implementing AI in organizations requires including Work-related insights, Interdisciplinary knowledge, a Socio-technical change process, and Ethical awareness (W.I.S.E.).

In this interactive masterclass we aim to empower managers to assess how AI systems work, their implications for the different types of users and work processes involved, and the role of management herein. We will discuss key findings from our newly launched AI management book [order a Dutch copy here], featuring rich cases at e.g. KLM and ABN Amro. Participants will work with our W.I.S.E framework to help managers ask the right questions and understand the risks and trade-offs to implement AI wisely in their organizations.

Duration: 4 hours, to be delivered across pre-work and during the session

  • The what and why of AI? Get a brief introduction to the core technologies, characteristics, and objectives of AI. Learn what use cases can AI solve, and the reasons behind its fast-paced adoption. 
  • Why is implementing AI so different from business as usual? 
    • Learn about the four characteristic challenges of implementing AI. We will draw from cases at leading organizations and the latest academic insights to show how AI requires an organizational change process. 
    • Activity and discussion: participants will reflect on a business case and zoom out to the implications for their organizations.
  • How to manage AI? 
    • Learn how to organise for AI with the help of the W.I.S.E. management principles. Understand the roles and responsibilities in developing and implementing AI.
    • Activity and discussion: participants will practice applying the W.I.S.E. framework for managing AI in organizations with a business case followed by a discussion of the implications for their own organizations.

Dr. Marleen Huysman is a Full Professor of Knowledge & Organization at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of the VU University Amsterdam and is founding director of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation. She is the figurehead for the VSNU research agenda “Digital Society” (Work and Organization program line) and joined the Dutch National AI Coalition. She was awarded a prestigious national grant from the NWO’s Open Competition to follow AI from development in the lab to its use on the work floor to develop a collaborative methodology for augmenting knowledge work. She is co-author of the recently published book “S.L.I.M. managen van AI in de praktijk: hoe organisaties slimme technologie implementeren”. 


Dr. Wendy Gunther is a postdoctoral researcher at KIN. She holds a PhD from the school of business and economics at the VU, a MSc ICT in Business (summa cum laude) from Leiden University, and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam. Wendy’s research focuses on how organizations can successfully leverage data as strategic resources. This includes studying how organizations develop and implement data-driven strategies; how traditional organizations transform into data-driven organizations, and what new roles and responsibilities emerge as organizations try to realize social and economic value from (big) data.


Lauren Waardenburg is a PhD candidate at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is also a visiting PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on how the use of smart technology is changing the future of work. Part of this was a three-year ethnographic study of the use of AI at the Dutch National Police.She is co-author of the book “S.L.I.M. managen van AI in de praktijk: hoe organisaties slimme technologie implementeren”

Dr. Marlous Agterberg is research and valorisation manager at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation. She has studied the use and impact of digital technologies on organisations in settings. In her current position Marlous is responsible for creating social impact with the academic top research at KIN executed. She initiates new collaborations with organizations and develops new ways to actively create impact with research in organisations. She is co-author of the book “S.L.I.M. managen van AI in de praktijk: hoe organisaties slimme technologie implementeren”. 

Half-Day Masterclass Regular Price: €395.

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Managers involved in the development, implementation and/or use of AI.

Date: To be announced soon. Please register here to stay informed of updates. 


We also deliver dedicated half- and full-day inhouse sessions for organizations where we will work on your specific use case. Get in touch to book a masterclass, organizational deep dive or media/speaking request.

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