Impression – KIN Castle weekend

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The KIN Castle Weekend had it all: blue skies, Autumn leaves, a scavenger hunt through Belgian hills, and a six course meal prepared by teams of colleagues who turned out to be quite impressive chefs.

Chateaux de Blier is a 19th Century Castle built in the Ardennes municipality of Erezée. Upon arriving, the KIN group wasted no time in exploring and making use of the traditional billiards table, piano, and substantial fire place.

A game of KINgo (even bingo can be KINified) revealed plenty of fun facts about each other, with Nick crowned master of discovery.

After waking to sights of frosty fields and nosy cows to the next morning, the team embarked on a surprise outing. We imagined a jovial walk across the countryside but instead embarked on a murder mystery scavenger hunt led by a GPS and a stack of clues. Heads were scratched, detours taken, and puzzles pondered.

Competition is an excellent way to fuel an appetite, so once the case was closed, the cooking frenzy began.

Back at the castle, a serene candlelit table gave an “Upstairs, Downstairs” vibe to the hustle and bustle unfolding in the cellar kitchen below. 32 chefs and 2 ovens worked together to produce a Master-chef worthy feast. All six courses were a hit and many recipes have since been shared.

The final day of Castledom ended with a picturesque stroll across the village and probably a song or two in the car ride home. With goodbyes to departing colleagues and hellos to new ones, the Castle Weekend was the perfect end to 2018 and start of a new year at KIN.