Impression – KINTalk KLM’s Journey to Digital Customer Intimacy -January 18th

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KINTalks – AirFrance-KLM: Going Digital to Continuously Improve the Customer Experience

For the 1st KINTalks edition of 2019, we flew in Lydia van Schaik to give a talk on customer experience and digital technologies at Air France-KLM. The KIN Department was absolutely packed for Lydia’s talk! Lydia – being responsible for teams and delivery of customer mobile apps and capabilities– explained how KLM aims to best serve its customers before, during and after their flights by constantly ‘being where their customers are’. While other airlines aim to diversify on price or on the quality of the aircraft, KLM is particularly focused on continuously improving the customer experience.

By ‘being where their customers are’, Lydia and her team at KLM try to give customers – by means of the KLM mobile app – the best possible experience of flying with KLM both at home, the airport, their destinations and their homes again. Especially since the upswing of smartphones, KLM noticed that their customers increasingly want more control over their flight experiences. The KLM mobile team is exactly trying to fulfil this need by being a digital assistant anywhere the customer is and make their KLM experience as comfortable as possible. By working agile and by organizing the digital KLM team in several customer journey steps (inspiration, sales, preparation and ancillaries, airport, recovery, and customer interaction) they are able to continuously address their customers.

The KLM mobile app for example provides customers in the preparation and ancillary customer journey step with options to check the forecasted weather of their destination, change their seats or provide them with advice on prescribed vaccinations. Another feature of the KLM app is a scanning feature in which customers can use their smartphones to scan and check whether their hand luggage confirms to KLM hand luggage requirements. Recently, Lydia and her team have also been looking to incorporate a feature which provides users with real-time information on the travel time for users to reach the airport. To facilitate this, KLM aims to collaborate with domestic rail carrier NS. Another example of a neat feature of the KLM app is a Google-Maps-like airport map, helping you to never get lost again at an airport.

With her KINTalk, Lydia showed that KLM is increasingly embracing digital technologies and use it to increase the customer experience. At the KIN Center of Digital Innovation, we are delighted to see how digital technology is used by large companies like KLM. Takeaways:
– Digital technologies enable KLM to better track the customer experience and further improve each step in the customer journey;
– Digital technologies enable KLM to expand improving customer experiences to outside-the-airplane by addressing customers before, during and after their KLM flights.

Within two months we will organize another KINTalk. Keep track of our website for more information and to sign up for this event. See you at our next KINTalk!