KIN Business​ Network

About the Business Network

It is the mission of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation to help organisations navigate the multiple challenges they face in our rapidly changing digital world. Through our embedded research we have developed considerable knowledge, expertise and experience in research and education relating to Digital Innovation. We use this expertise to enable organizations to be digital-ready.

In order to realize this mission KIN has created the KIN Business Network in which we actively involve our academic and business networks to create an even better understanding around digital innovation and transformation. Through the Business Network, KIN delivers services for companies, in close interaction and benefits for both parties.

These services help organizations to continuously further develop the knowledge of their employees with the latest academic insights, to look beyond the hypes, to recruit digital talents and to learn from other companies facing similar challenges in the digital landscape.

Our mission

Our proposition

In sum the three main pillars of the KIN business network are:

  • Access to TALENT via the Annual Talent Event, students’ consultancy projects, Visibility online within the student environment
  • Access to NETWORK via the Annual KIN Network event, KIN Talks, KIN Alumni events, Topical conferences and events (co)organized by KIN
  • Access to LEARNING:  via Masterclasses, Meeting with academic experts and whitepapers

KIN Business Network partners will also benefit from exposure on the KIN website, newsletters and other communication outings.  We offer an open and confidential space for interaction and learning and direct acquisition is not allowed.