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Two PhD positions for project ‘Is AI outsmarting us? The impact of AI on knowledge work ‘

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing work, and predictions about job losses have reached newspaper headlines. Current debates on AI and work are typically framed around its consequences for jobs, though without empirically grounded research into both AI’s development and its implications for organizations and professionals.

Are you interested in studying the development of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on organizations with a leading team of researchers? Please apply for a PhD position at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s KIN research group.

Professor Marleen Huysman, director of KIN received an NWO grant to conduct research on “Is AI outsmarting us? The impact of AI on knowledge”. The project’s aim is to gain a deeper understanding of how and why AI systems impact knowledge work.

Through longitudinal qualitative studies of multiple cases, this project will study how AI developers come to understand the domain for which they develop their AI systems, and will trace the broader unintended consequences of AI systems for expertise at work in real-world settings.

Two years after the start of the project, a newly hired postdoctoral researcher will join the team to capitalize on the research to develop a methodology for ‘Collaborative AI’ that augments instead of automates knowledge work, ultimately contributing to a human-centric digital society. In this context, the KIN Center is presently looking for candidates to fill two PhD research projects for a duration of four years.

The PhD candidates will be supervised by a team of researchers including Marleen Huysman, Ella Hafermalz and Anastasia Sergeeva.

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