KIN Talent Event: an intimate and engaging networking event 

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Overview of the event

On Monday, 28 October, the KIN Center held this year’s Talent  Event, where both DBI students & graduates, as well as our event partners (Capgemini Invent, Heineken, Yellowtail and Calco), spent an afternoon together working and debating topics around digital innovation & transformation, as well as networking and getting to know one another.

For the 26 students that participated in this event, we want to thank them for their involvement, energy, and dedication they demonstrated throughout the afternoon. Our partners were very impressed with the level of knowledge, creativity, and resolve our participants had, having very positive feedback:

The informal atmosphere and the personal touch of the event is something which absolutely connects to our values. The students are really bright, came up with good ideas, open for other opinions.” (Yellowtail)

We really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the KN Talent Event. The event gave us an opportunity to share our story and get to know many of the students. We were very impressed with the knowledge, analytical skills, and creativity of the students, and we think that our organization could be a great place for some of these students to start their careers.” (Capgemini Invent)

We want to also mention that 4 of our participants have been invited by Heineken to their Amsterdam office to present the ideas that they had during one of the workshops to the Heineken Innovation Team. Congratulations to them, we are really proud of our students and graduates!

A participants perspective

As a master student of the VU the KIN Talent Event has been a very interesting experience since this career event provided me with much thoughtful insight regarding the job market and what to expect after graduation. This one-day career event is a good way to discover what lies ahead of you in the near future and what to expect from your potential future employers.
The day was divided in a very structured and well-organized manner, giving you an ample amount of time to switch quickly between different business case sessions. We initially started the day off with a small introduction of the day by discussing the program of the evening, followed by a small introductory talk provided by the attending companies. I liked how these talks were concise and limited to 5-10 minutes per company, which means less time spent on talking and more time spend on doing actual stuff: the business cases.

I enjoyed the small number of companies attending the Talent Event, as this gave you more time and space to freely converse with the recruiters during the drinks. Moreover, I enjoyed the cases as they were not too long or too short, but actually just the right amount of time (e.g. one hour). I have attended many different business cases during other career events, where they provide you with a company case for over 2 hours!

I definitely recommend my fellow DBI students to attend such an event in order to get a better understanding of all the learnings and experiences you gain during the masters, from doing actual case studies to conducting fieldwork for your papers. Just to get your mind off from all the theoretical stuff, from all the scientific articles which can be a daily hassle. Instead, the KIN Talent event gives you the opportunity to discover what all those boring and lengthy scientific readings amount to, by applying these in real-life contexts during the company case session. This is where the real challenge starts when you need to apply these scientific learnings in order to help out a company such as Yellowtail to come up with a brand new idea that adheres to the PSD2 law. Or to solve the issue of workforce transition due to the rapid changes caused by digital technology, together with Capgemini. This is where the “game is on”.

The KIN Talent Event is the place to be! Without a doubt coming back next year as an alumni DBI student!” (Shazia Khan, DBI Master’s Student)

Authors: Michael Omescu and Shazia Khan