New university minor for 3rd BSc in “Managing Digital Innovation”

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From September 2016 KIN Research is responsible for a new VU university minor in ‘Managing Digital Innovation’ for third year bachelor students.

About the minor: 

The opportunities of the digital era are essentially unlimited. Innovative technologies may completely change how business and design processes are set up, while new directions for fruitful start-ups are countless. This calls for new and strategic ways of organising these opportunities to innovate in the digital world. If you are interested in new, exciting ways to organise for digital innovation, if you want to learn how new digital technologies such as big data, 3D printing and robotization change the way of working in your own field of expertise; if you are interested in how to design and organise pervasive digital technologies, if you would like to start your own Spotify, Uber or Airbnb in your own specific discipline and would like to learn how to do so; if you are interested in new professional, organisational and managerial insights related to digital innovation, this minor is for you.

Why the minor Managing Digital Innovation?

Digital technologies have a disruptive, pervasive, and permanent influence on business, work, and society as a whole. The exponential increase of computing power over recent years has given rise to digitization across a broad variety of sectors, ranging from big data analytics in online retailing, to robotization in industry and healthcare, internet of things enabling smart homes, ethical discussions on self-driving cars, digital business models in music and video, and smart production technologies and logistics. These and many other forms of digital innovation call for a profound understanding of the opportunities that digital technologies offer as well as their potentially adverse effects. The courses in this minor cover the important aspects of these new developments, and provide a good balance between knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, and hands-on experience.

Study programme

This minor is a 30 EC programme taught in English. The programme consists of five courses taught during the first semester of the third year of your Bachelor programme.

The course Introduction to Digital Innovation takes an introductory stance and covers technological developments that form the constituents of contemporary digital innovation, and includes hands-on experience with developing mobile apps. The Strategic Management of Technology and Innovationcourse targets the development of innovation strategies and the organisational implementation of these strategies, whereas New Ways of Working tackles the demands that digital technologies put on the workplace, and on how new ways of working help to adapt to these challenges. The Business Intelligence and Analytics course focuses on the concept of data and how it can be employed to create value. Key words in this context are ‘big data’, ‘data science’, and ‘data-driven decision making’. Finally, Ethics of Algorithms will discuss the broader, ethical implications concerning, for example, surveillance and privacy that digital innovation has on fundamental values in society.

Period 1

  • Introduction to digital innovation
  • Strategic management of technology and innovation

Period 2

  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • New ways of working

Period 3

  • Ethics of algorithms

Career prospects

Students who complete the Minor Managing Digital Innovation can use the insights obtained in managing digital innovations in their own field of expertise, such as Law, Medicine, Exact and Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and other Social Sciences. Because digital innovation influences all fields, having knowledge of it provides a huge advantage in furthering your career.

Target audience

This minor is intended for all Bachelor students who are interested in changes involved in our new digital, connected world that impact science, engineering, education, healthcare, business, government, legal systems, entertainment, design, financial services, and our society as a whole. We also welcome Bachelor students from other universities than the VU, provided they have permission from their own university.


Bachelor students in their third year from all VU programmes are welcomed. However, students in the Bachelor programmes (International) Business Administration are excluded from participating in this university minor.

The minor ‘Managing Digital Innovation’ is a university minor, which implies that VU Bachelor students do not need to ask for permission from the Examination Board to follow the minor and to count the credits (30 EC) towards your own Bachelor degree.


Please see the application procedure for more details.

If you have questions about the minor Managing Digital Innovation, please send an email to Frank Derksen:




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