NEWS: Strategic Management Society Event in Amsterdam – Navigating the Platform Business Model: Strategies, Challenges and Best Practices

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Hans Berends will be part of this event on Platform Business Models. The event aims to bring together both researchers and practitioners in the field of platforms and ecosystems. With the advent of digital technologies, established firms and new entrants increasingly operate and compete within platform ecosystems in which groups of firms interact with the aim of a joint value proposition. The leading firms in such ecosystems, sometimes referred to as hub or keystone firms, are faced with several strategic challenges as they pertain to the overall value creation of the ecosystem as well as their own value capture. Given the complex interplay of collaboration and competition between the various members of a platform ecosystem, there remain many unanswered questions revolving around how to successfully operate and navigate the platform business model.

This one day event aims at bringing together academics and domain experts from technology intensive organizations from various industries who share an interest in platform ecosystems and the strategies involved with successfully operating the platform business model. Participants will share their ideas, challenges and best practices imposed by the continuously evolving nature of digital platforms.

The event aims to expose practitioners to the latest academic research in the field of strategy and to engage academics in discussions that will culminate into a joint research agenda. The event consists of keynotes by distinguished speakers, panel discussions, and a number of interactive case presentations by leading platform firms. Results will be synthesized and presented as takeaways by the end of the event.

This will be a full day workshop on Friday, so we recommend attendees plan to arrive in Amsterdam on Thursday night.

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