BOOK: Managing AI from development to organizational change in practice

About the book

In this book the authors describe how eight organizations deal with the implementation and use of artificial intelligence (AI). They address the following challenges of implementing AI: organizing for data, testing and validating AI, creating bridges between AI design and use, and changes in work. Using a combination of existing literature and thorough practical examples, they provide answers to questions such as: How do I get data? When is a system good enough to actually take over tasks? And how can my people be prepared for working with AI? The authors then make four recommendations for WISE management of AI. This means that managing AI requires Work-related insights, Interdisciplinary knowledge, Socio-technical change processes, and Ethical awareness.

AI systems can offer many opportunities to organizations and can fundamentally and positively change work in many ways. We hope that with this book we convince managers to look beyond the hype of AI and keep asking themselves at all times, regardless of what stage they are in: Are we managing AI wisely?

For this book we conducted research at eight established organizations

“Hoe kan een organisatie AI succesvol inzetten? Dit boek geeft daarop eindelijk een antwoord.”

Bennie Mols –  Wetenschapsjournalist, auteur en spreker, gespecialiseerd in AI & Robotica.

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The authors

Lauren Waardenburg
Marleen Huysman
Marlous Agterberg

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the realm of organizations, and it is rapidly changing how organizations do business, how employees work, and how people live. AI has unique properties, and implementation of AI requires a transformation of how work is organized. Wisely implementing AI in organizations requires including Work-related insights, Interdisciplinary knowledge, a Socio-technial change process, and Ethical awareness (W.I.S.E.). Learn more about what this means for you and your organization and join our Masterclass or in-house Deep-dive session.

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