Data & Privacy Policy



As an academic institute, the KIN Center for Digital Innovation takes rules, regulations, and consequences regarding data and privacy very serious. We processes, manage and protect your personal data with the utmost care and therewith comply with the requirements imposed on us by the General Data Protection Regulations.


By using this website, you thereby agree to our privacy policy.


Scope of this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to personal data which is created through your contact with our researchers and/or subscription to our mailing list. This data is enriched with publicly available social media data, relevant to our interests.


Personal data

In connection with our services, KIN Center for Digital Innovation records data in one or more files with your consent. The Center may collect personal data through the sites mentioned for the following purposes;


  • Sending program information and invitations/announcements concerning informational activities.
  • Sending newsletters to people who have requested this.
  • KIN Center for Digital Innovation measures the response to the newsletters. To that end, we maintain general information regarding the visitors to our sites. Such information includes the number of times a newsletter has been viewed, or links in a newsletter have been clicked. This is monitored by Mailchimp. We furthermore monitor our website statistics via Google Analytics. Based on web statistics, we examine how we can improve the information provided and the navigation structure. This information cannot be traced back to you, and your identity thus remains protected.
  • Via Facebook and Linkedin, we send out advertisements towards our target audiences. Only controlling the preferred audience, KIN Center for Digital Innovation does not collect or store the data that is used in targeting these audiences.


Furnishing data to third parties

Personal data is furnished to companies or organizations outside KIN Center for Digital Innovation in the following cases:


  • KIN Center for Digital Innovation uses third party websites for data storage and for sending our program information and newsletters. For storing the collected data, we use Hubspot, and our emails are sent via Mailchimp. We trust these parties in guarding the data to our best interests, in accordance to their privacy statements.
  • When the KIN Center for Digital Innovation is required to do so by law, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. This is not inconsistent with the purpose for which the data was obtained.


Protection of data

KIN Center for Digital Innovation utilizes security and safety procedures which are intended in part to allow only authorized persons access to your personal data.


Retention period

KIN Center for Digital Innovation keeps your data as long as it remains relevant for the purpose (or purposes not inconsistent with this) for which we collected the data.


Complaints & Opt-out

When you wish to send us a complaint about one or more items of this privacy policy, you are able to contact us via email at If you wish to opt-out, and have all of your data removed from our databases, you can also contact us via email at the aforementioned address.