The concept is simple. KINTalks is an event where inspiring practitioners are invited to talk about their work experience in the field of innovation, digital technology, business and/or design. Key here is sharing knowledge and firing up the debate.

It seems that there are (too) little moments where academics and practitioners meet. KINTalks helps: 1) to encourage a conversation around shared interests; 2) to learn from each other and 3) to network and nurture lasting relationships. Overall, it is an opportunity to get inspired and energized.

Each KINTalks event includes one or two speakers and an audience of researchers and other interested people. Each speaker presents for (about) 30-45 min. After the talk, the audience has the opportunity to pose questions. The presentations promise to be creative and thought-provoking, sparking a conversation that we continue afterward with drinks.

The talks will take place at VU University Amsterdam (Main building, De Boelelaan 1105, 5th floor). Please note that participation in KIN Talks is free of charge, but registration for KIN Talks is required.

If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us (

We look forward to welcoming you to our KINTalks!

The KIN Talks are organised by (from left to right): Kathrin, Jovana, Tomislav, Bomi, Mario and Elmira.


New KINTalks will be announced in this section!

23 July 2021 Ferry Hoes would give a talk about future of technology, its intersection with humans, and the role of brand humanizing for organizations.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are actively introduced in the organizations, but do they always bring advantage to employees, customers, and eventually organizations? Can robots replace human beings?

In our upcoming KINTalks on July 23rd, we will be learning about Brand Humanizing – a vision and method that helps organizations become more human(e) by using technology the right way, and by doing that: secure long-term growth and organizational resilience against rapid market changes and innovating competition.

Ferry Hoes, an entrepreneur, investor and the Co-Founder of the Brand Humanizing, would share how collaboration between humans and technology could be fruitfully arranged in an organizational workplace.

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19 March 2021 saw Stephan Romeyn and Willem Grootjans from Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) welcomed to our virtual stage, sharing their first-hand experiences of developing, introducing and using AI throughout the radiological workflow. KINTalk: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Radiological Workflow.

11 December 2020 marked the return of KINTalks where we welcomed Charles Kahn, MD, to our virtual stage. Serving as Editor of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, Charles, Professor and Vice Chair of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, talked about the promise and perils of AI in medical imaging and the prerequisites for the safe, effective and ethical use of AI – with many takeaways for the medical world and far beyond! KINTalk: Assuring safe, effective and ethical AI in medical imaging.

29 may 2020 KINTalk about how Future Employee Experiences can be enabled by technologies such as chatbot technology KINTalks: The Future of Employee Experience – Chatbots as Enablers 

On 24 January 2020 at KIN Center for Digital Innovation, we invited Erik Ubels for an interesting talk on real estate technologies. Erik is the CTO of EDGE technologies and the mastermind behind the Deloitte building in Amsterdam Zuid. EDGE has built buildings like Circl in Zuid, where wood pieces are used without any glue, so that all building blocks remain intact and can be reused after decades.  KINTalk: Real Estate Technologies, towards a smart workplace

11/10/2019: KINTalk: The impact of AI on work: predictive policing

During this KINTalk, two inspiring speakers will talk about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our work. The presentations promise to be creative and thought-provoking, sparking a conversation that we continue afterward with drinks. Dick Willems, a data scientist at the Dutch Police and the creator of the predictive policing algorithm “CAS” will elaborate on the process of designing, further developing and implementing algorithmic technologies. Professor Marleen Huysman, director of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, will build on the many rich cases from her embedded research to debunk frequently occurring biases related to the impact of AI in organisation to ultimately arrive at a more productive perspective on the (im)possibilities of AI.

28/06/2019: KINTalk: Our (cyber) secure future

Jaya Baloo is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of KPN Telecom in the Netherlands. She is recognized in 2017 as one of the top 100 CISO’s globally. Jaya works with an amazing information security team of highly driven specialists.  Working in the information security arena for the past 18 years, she has worked mostly for global telecommunications companies such as Verizon and France Telecom. Jaya is also a frequent speaker at security conferences on subjects around lawful interception, mass surveillance, and cryptography.

05/04/2019 Building towards circularity and digital innovation

Partner architect at the Amsterdam based firm de Architekten Cie, Marten de Jong works on retail, housing, office and education projects. The focus of his experience is with the sustainable (re)development of areas, buildings, recent heritage, and protected cultural landscapes, where he champions adding value in an increasingly dense urban environment.

18/01/2019 Being where your customers are

In our KINTalk on January 18th, we invited Lydia van Schaik, Manager Mobile Apps and Capabilities at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to give a talk about innovation and mobile apps at KLM.

09/11/2018: Fighter Pilots and Open Innovation

Fighter pilot Patrick is working as “Chief Air C2 Cell” at the Operation Center of the Air Force Command. He focuses on the planning and steering of large air force operations, thereby combining people and technology. On November 9, Patrick will come over with colleagues of the Belgian Army and Royal Netherlands Navy, to talk about the struggles and opportunities of managing the closed-off defence organization and the need for open innovation to remain on top of current technological developments.

21/9/2018: Innovative mobility solutions to defeat the personal car?

Patrick Studener will present the talk. Bird is a fast growing Los Angeles based startup focused on reducing personal car ownership. Patrick is responsible for bringing Bird’s electronic scooter “last mile solution” to the EMEA region. Patrick is currently the Head of EMEA & VP at BIRD where he is the first international employee. In previous roles Patrick was the COO of the Nordic food delivery startup WOLT and before that he managed International Growth and the EMEA expansion for UBER as one of the first employees in the region. Patrick is from Vienna but was internationally raised. He holds degrees in Economics and Business from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He currently lives in Amsterdam.

15/06/2018: Re-framing Luxury for Millennials

Martin Johnston (founder of Crafted Society; presents his and his wife’s pioneering approach towards transparency, ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility in their luxury sneaker and accessories brand. He will explain how they have embraced the digital world to sell their products and build an online community and fan base.

23/03/2018: The Power of Blockchain

Arjan Bartlema and Ad Rietberg unravel the potential of blockchain technology. Arjan dives into the progress of blockchain and its enormous potential, while Ad presents a concrete example of how blockchain can be used to empower African farmers by presenting Coin 22’s invention – Agri-wallet. Click here for a nice overview of the event

16/02/2018: Amsterdam – City of the Future

Jaïr Halevi and Aik van Neemeren from the Chief Technology Office present the Amsterdam municipality’s plan for the city of Amsterdam. They discuss the Future Government paradigm and elaborate on the Start Up residence program, which aims to use the innovative power of start-ups to change the city. Check our Blogpost for a nice overview of the event.

09/12/2016: Moonshot Thinking – Digital Innovation at Google 

Anneke Bakker, Industry Manager Travel & Telco at Google talks about how innovation takes place at Google. Check our Blogpost for a nice overview of the event.

18/03/2016: Healthcare & Digital Innovation – Willem Herter & Wouter Kroese (Pacmed)

Willem Herter and Wouter Kroese tell all the ins and outs of how they came up with the idea of Pacmed, how the development process looked like, what the difficulties are of working with big data in the healthcare sector, and how Pacmed is changing healthcare around the world. Check our Blogpost for a nice overview of the event.

09/10/2015: Big, Bigger, Biggest Data – Nicola Villa (Cisco)

Nicola Villa is the managing director of Cisco Consulting Services’ global Big Data and Analytics practice. Nicola established and manages one of Cisco’s fastest growing practices, focused on helping customers transform their business by leveraging on actionable, replicable, network based business insights. Check our Blogpost for a nice overview of the event.

10/07/2015: The Future Quantum World – Leo Kouwenhoven (TU Delft, QuTech)

Leo Kouwenhoven studied technical physics at Delft University of Technology and gained his doctorate with distinction there in 1992. From 1993 to 1998 he was a Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences fellow at this university; he spent part of this period at Berkeley. In 1999 he was offered a professorship by Harvard. He turned this down to become a professor at Delft. Since 2001 he has been a member of the physics faculty at Harvard. In June 2015 he received a 135 million euros subsidy from NWO for a 10-year programme on the development of quantum computers. In so doing, Leo and his team will be of significance in the scientific race to develop the first quantum computer.

29/05/2015: Open Access – Victor Henning (founder Mendeley) and Leo van der Wees (Tilburg Data Science and founder