NWO Grant ‘Crossover collaboration for digital innovation’

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KIN Research and the Management & Organization Group from Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology proudly announce that they received an NWO grant to research crossover collaborations for digital innovation. It is widely recognized that to develop solutions for Grand Challenges (such as the aging population), heterogeneous parties need to collaborate. This project will investigate such crossover collaborations for the development of health & wellbeing solutions.

In the coming four years, a team of senior researchers and three PhD students will investigate the collaboration practices of heterogeneous actors who are developing digital innovations. The first PhD project investigates how heterogeneous parties can become connected in digital innovation ecosystems. The second PhD project focuses on the role of creative professionals in crossover collaborations. The third PhD project will identify how to coordinate such collaborations in successful business models.


The senior researchers involved are Prof. Dr. Marleen Huysman (main applicant, KIN research), Prof. Dr. Dirk Snelders (co-applicant, Delft University of Technology) and Dr. ir. Hans Berends (KIN Research, co-applicant), Dr. ir. Maaike Kleinsmann  (Delft University of Technology), Dr. Maura Soekijad (KIN Research), Dr. ir. Fleur Deken (KIN Research), Prof. Dr. Gerda Gemser (RMIT University), Prof. Dr. Patrick Cohendet (Mosaic, HEC Montréal) and Dr. Frans Feldberg (KIN Research).

The PhD students involved are Natalja Laurey, Nick Sturkenboom, and Frithjof Wegener. With their diverse backgrounds in anthropology, design, and innovation management, they will shed light on how to successfully organize crossover collaborations.

The following consortium partners will take part in the research and valorization activities (listed alphabetically):