Seminar on March 16th: Self-Organizing Knowledge on Enterprise Social Media

Enterprise social media, or social technologies, have been around for quite some years now, and organizations still struggle with understanding how, when, and why these technologies may actually enhance knowledge sharing. More recent empirical research allows us to draw some interesting conclusions and during this morning seminar we will talk more about some of these insights. By drawing on a variety of studies conducted at different often multinational organizations, we will cover the different elements that may facilitate or frustrate knowledge sharing when implementing and using enterprise social media.


Friday March 16th, from 09:30 until 11:30h. Location: HG-1D12 Forum 4.
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This seminar is on the occasion of the defense ceremony of Nick Oostervink that will be held at 13:45 hours.


Dr. Bart van den Hooff (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will kick off this seminar by introducing the topic of ESM, and will talk about the tensions that arise in practice, by discussing some of his findings from studies at six different organizations.



Dr. Jeff Treem (University of Texas, Austin) will talk about three common misperceptions that can result in effective framing: 1) That professionals want flexible, multifaceted platforms, 2) That professionals want platforms that are similar to public-facing tools they are familiar with, and 3) That professionals want greater visibility for their communications.


Dr. Han Gerrits (KPMG & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will finalize the seminar by discussing how organizations can effectively use ESM by presenting it as a form of organizational innovation.