Technology and innovation community: first meeting on May 29, 2015

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Inspired by research networks in the US and the UK we (Hans Berends and Philipp Tuertscher) are initiating a community around technology and innovation research. Our idea is to bring together scholars from different universities in the Netherlands and Belgium (and potentially beyond) who share a strong interest in theory on technology and innovation, in particular from a management and organization studies background.


The community could meet once every two months, for example, and discuss three work-in-progress papers. The idea would not be to discuss completed papers; rather, we would like to focus on manuscripts that still are in the making. These papers will be circulated prior to the meetings. At the meetings, the community dissects the papers and gives in-depth comments with the purpose of helping improve the manuscripts.


The motivation for creating such a community is to provide a regular forum to discuss theory informed technology and innovation research. There is a considerable number of technology and innovation scholars  in the Netherlands and Belgium; however, often they are scattered across universities and disciplinary backgrounds. Surprisingly, despite the short distances to travel between universities, there is no regular forum to discuss technology and innovation research. With this community we would like to provide more opportunities for all of us to discuss our work with colleagues and facilitate interaction across our local communities. Members of our community will be able to connect with each other, benefit from collective experience and feel inspired by each other’s work. Moreover, the forum can be used to connect with international technology and innovation scholars visiting the Netherlands or Belgium (e.g. invite them to participate as discussants).


We would like to host the first meeting of our community at the Knowledge, Information & Innovation (KIN) Research Group at the VU University Amsterdam on Friday, May 29, 13.00-16.00 in room 9A-24. Dries Faems (Groningen), Bart Leten (Leuven) and Raghu Garud (Penn State) kindly volunteered to share their papers with us for discussion. The purpose of the meeting is not that authors present their work but rather that the community dissects the papers and gives in-depth comments with the purpose of helping improve the manuscripts. Naturally, we all will get most out of it if we have read the papers and thought of comments before the meeting. Please note that we invited presenters to share questions and comments with our community beforehand (when available, these will be shared in the download folder along with the papers). After wrapping up our first meeting, we would be happy to invite you for drinks.


We hope very much that you will be able to join the first meeting of our community. To help us organize, we kindly ask you to send an e-mail ( if you would like to attend. In case you are unable to attend this time but are interested to join our community for future meetings, please let us know, so that we will keep you on the invitation list.


Please distribute this invitation to other staff and PhD students within (or outside) your group for whom our community might be relevant as well. 


We are looking forward to seeing you at our first meeting.